BH NFT Marketplace Weekly Update — June 2021 Week 3/4

We are happy to share recent updates for the third week of June with you!

Project progress and Community Events

1.BH NFT Marketplace Twitter: Daily Auction

Starting from this week, @bh_nft will tweet artworks on BH NFT Marketplace one work per day. Follow our twitter and see those delicate works : !

Click link below “Bid” to view the details of the art work:

2.NFT Projects Comparison Page by CryptoBooster

Recently, CryptoBooster made a NFT Projects Comparison Page. BH NFT is a supreme NFT platform for its unlimited ways of paticipation and unique tokenomics.

For more imformation, please see:

3.BH NFT Marketplace Whitebook

The whitebook of BH NFT Marketplace will be publishedsoon. Stay tuned!

4.BH NFT Conmmunity activities ongoing!

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(1)BillionHappiness NFT Creation Airdrop Plan

The past 5 months in 2021 have seen many stories of NFTs artists getting rich overnight. Stories of such frequently hit the headlines. The opportunity of being popular in the NFT marketplace is alluring yet challenging, making some people daunting while some are anxious to try.

If you have ever had such an idea or creation experience of NFT, now comes the opportunity to join the BillionHappiness team and make further explorations in the NFT world!

(2)BillionHappiness NFT Ambassador Program

As a community-driven platform, the development of Billion Happiness NFT platform is closely linked to the community. The BillionHappiness team encourages famous and influential NFT enthusiasts to participate in our development, and to be our community leaders to drive the development of the BillionHappiness NFT community globally and makes BillionHappiness NFT truly popular across the world.

(3)The EURO (In the theme of football) NFT Creating Competition is about to start!

5.NFT Breaks Into the Art World: How BillionHappiness Innovate Artwork Investment?

The term “NFT” that once belonged to the blockchain has suddenly become the buzz word in the contemporary art circle. According to public reports, the total market value of NFT has so far reached $4.7 billion. “A milestone in the collection of digital art”, “NFT artists are creating a new trend of the times” and many other comments have began to catch on.

As the earliest and the leading BSC project, BH NFT boasts the most complete functions and the highest quality of users. By adopting the innovative model of “blockchain + artwork”, BH NFT is dedicated to giving full play of the blockchain technology and thinking and building a decentralized transaction platform for artworks. In doing so, it manages to highlight the digital identity of artworks, build a diversified decentralized art community, promote the inclusive concept of crypto arts, and redefine the economic attributes of artworks.

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