With AnyswapNetwork you can now transfer $BHC between BEP20 (BSC) and FRC20 (Fantom) networks.

Anyswap has launched its Multichain Router V3 beta mainnet more than three months ago, this multichain router has three significant features: Non-custodial+MPC, Native Swap, and Multichain Router(This feature allows users to swap between two chains arbitrarily, which reduces fees and makes it easier to move between chains. For more details: https://anyswap.medium.com/anyswap-multichain-router-v3-beta-mainnet-is-live-b41079f7335f)

This opens up a lot of opportunities in expanding our project and ecosystem.

More chains will be supported soon!

Bridge official link: https://anyswap.exchange/bridge?inputCurrency=0x7beb05cf5681f402e762f8569c2fc138a2172978&network=250

$BHC Fantom Contract Address: https://ftmscan.com/token/0x7beb05cf5681f402e762f8569c2fc138a2172978

How to use Anyswap Bridge?

Please make sure to use the correct RPC Settings on Metamask.Go to Metamask -> Settings -> Networks and copy the settings below

Network Name: FTM- Mainnet
New RPC URL: https://ftmnode1.anyswap.exchange
Chain ID: 250
Symbol: FTM
Block Explorer URL: https://ftmscan.com

Choose Fantom Mainet


The Deposit feature on this bridge would allow you to transfer $BHC from BEP20 to FRC20 network. This can be done by locking a number of tokens in the BEP20 contract, and then issue a number of tokens into the FRC20 network.

Reminder: Deposit Fee is 0 %
Minimum Deposit Fee is 0 BHC
Maximum Deposit Fee is 0 BHC
Minimum Deposit Amount is 0.09 BHC
Maximum Deposit Amount is 50,000 BHC
Estimated Time of Deposit Arrival is 10–30 min
Deposit amount larger than 18,000 BHC could take up to 12 hours


The Redeem feature does the opposite to transfer tokens back from FRC20 to BEP20 network. By confirming redeem, the contract will burn a number of tokens in FRC20 network, and release a number of tokens in the BEP20 network.

Reminder: Withdraw Fee is 0.1 %,
Minimum Withdraw Fee is 0.09 BHC,
Maximum Withdraw Fee is 17.4 BHC
Minimum Withdraw Amount is 0.9 BHC
Maximum Withdraw Amount is 50,000 BHC
Estimated Time of Withdraw Arrival is 10–30 min
Withdraw amount larger than 18,000 BHC could take up to 12 hours

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