BHC Token Contract Migration

Since our NFT Marketplace is almost done, we will publish a new ecosystem for $BHC and migrate to a new contract with fixed supply of 50,000 $BHC only (no minting) because the old BHC contract is still showing the 1,000,000 BHC supply.

Ratio is 1:1

WHEN will this happen?

WHO is involved in this event?

WHAT to do during the Contract Migration?

Liquidity Providers shall remove their liquidity first to be able to swap from OLD BHC to NEW BHC.

In lieu of this process, The Trap House Pool for BHC/BNB Farming will be closed. New Pool will be opened shortly after, specific time will be announced on our social media.

WHY is it important to Swap my OLD BHC to the NEW BHC?

After January 21, 2021at 8 AM UTC, any attempt to swap OLD BHC will be disregarded.

HOW do I get my new $BHC?

New BHC Smart Contract Address:

New Contract $BHC Ecosystem

For NFT Marketplace
✔ For every BNB fees collected from NFT Marketplace 50% will be used to buy back %BHC
✔ Any new buyers will earn $BHC (% TBA)

For E-commerce Store
✔ For every Products sold from our E-com store we allocated 3% Cash back to our clients
✔ We use our profits to buy back $BHC from Exchanges like (
✔ Client can also pay $BHC to our E-com store

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