Following the upgrade of our BHC token, we are happy to unveil the latest Tokenomics of our current token version.

This shall pave way to providing BHC Holders, Liquidity Providers, supporters, etc., a better understanding on how the ecosystem has significantly changed from the old version to its new version.

New Tokenomics

With the total supply of 50,000 BHC, consisting of 66.6% old BHC Holders and 33.4% Abandon BSCSwap Pool on old version.

The 66.6% for the old BHC Holders = 33,277 BHC are now being distributed to the old BHC Holders via

While the 33.4% previously abandoned BSCSwap Pool = 16,723 BHC is now allocated as follows:

BHC Staking (29.9%)– 5,000 BHC *pool opening TBA*

BHC/BNB to earn (BHC 29.9%)– 5,000 BHC *pool opening TBA*

THUGS (29.9%)– 5,000 BHC *pool opening TBA*

FUEL (6%)– 1,000 BHC *currently running*

Marketing/Giveaways (4.3%)– 723 BHC

For more information and updates,

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