BILLION HAPPINESS Weekly Update — April 2021 Week 3/4

Today, we’re excited to share our most recent achievements for the third week of April with you.

Weekly Update

1. BHC’s 7th Month

BHC’s 7th Month

BHC celebrated its 7th month of growth and victories last April 14, 2021. Cheers to more accomplishments and Billions of Happiness!

2. New Upcoming Pools

New Upcoming Pools

Another fantastic piece of information! New pools are coming as we wait for the NFT Marketplace to launch!

Blizzard Money = stake BHC to earn xBLZD

Julswap = Stake HPS/BNB to earn JULD

Beefy = Stake mooBHC to earn BIFI

Pool Opening: To be announced

3. HPS is now on TrustWallet

Marking a new achievement, HPS is now available on TrustWallet!

4. BillionHappiness NFT Marketplace

BillionHappiness NFT Marketplace Update

Here’s the most recent NFT Marketplace updates.

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