BILLION HAPPINESS Weekly Update — April 2021 Week 4/4

We’re moving closer to launching our NFT Marketplace, but first, here are a few weekly updates you shouldn’t miss!

Weekly Updates:

1. BillionHappiness NFT Marketplace

BillionHappiness NFT Marketplace Update

Take a look at our soon-to-be-launched NFT Marketplace!

We’ve completed our NFT Marketplace testing phase. The marketplace is expected to go live this week. The exact launch date will be announced soon.

2. Stake JULD and Earn HPS

Stake JULD and earn HPS

HPS is now on Julswap! Stake JULD to earn HPS. Stake a minimum of 1,000 JulD and maximum of 10,000 JulD!

Happy Staking!

3. Stake MooBHC to Earn BIFI

Staking mooBHC to earn BIFI

We’re excited to announce the opening of a new boosting launch pool for everyone!

Stake MooBHC to earn BIFI

To see how it’s done, read this blog:

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