Here’s your weekly dose of happiness! August’s not over yet! Read on for updates.

  1. Top 3 BHC LP Farming to earn other tokens

In case you were wondering, here are the top 3 BHC LP Farming where you can earn other tokens!

BHC/BNB JetSwap LP to earn $WINGS:

BHC/BNB CafeSwap LP to earn $BREW:

BHC/BNB ApeSwap LP to earn $BANANA:

2. BHC Liquidity Update

Just in case you guys are wondering, majority of our $BHC liquidity is on ApeSwap, JetSwap, and CafeSwap!

3. HPS Liquidity Update

Quick note, majority of our $HPS liquidity is on JulSwap and JetSwap! You might want to stock up and stake!

4. Staking Pools Update

Our staking pools are still live! You still have time to stake before they end. Get staking now and earn!

Feeling Excited: Stake HPS-BNB to earn HPS

Feeling Brand New: Stake BHC to earn DPET

Feeling Hyped: Stake HPS to earn AXS

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