Just a few more days before August comes to a close. Before we jump onto September, what’s been happening? Read on for updates!

  1. BHC LP new Vault is now available on Beefy Finance again!

In case you missed it, we’re up on Beefy Finance! Stake your Apeswap BHC/BNB LP to earn more BHC/BNB!

APY: 2.1K% Daily: 0.85%

2. Feeling Hyped ends in 13 days!

Can you feel the hype? APR for our Feeling Hyped pool is now at 227%. Stake $HPS to earn $AXS! There’s still time!

3. Only 4 days left until our Feeling Brand New pool ends!

Are you putting your BHC to good use? If not, you’re missing out on earning some DPET! Our Feeling Brand New pool ends in a few days! Get staking before it’s too late!

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