BILLION HAPPINESS Weekly Update — July 2021 Week 3/4

July’s almost over but we’re not done with surprises! Check out what’s been going on the past week!

  1. $HPS staking pool update

APR for our FEELING GRATEFUL pool is now at 140%! Stake $HPS to earn $BHC! You still have 12 days left!

2. The Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace is now OFFICIALLY LISTED!

The Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace is now accessible via SafePal! Just go to the NFT tab and you’ll find Billion Happiness!

3. We support TNC Pro Team — ML!

Billion Happiness proudly supports the TNC Pro Team — ML as they move closer to their dreams of becoming the best ML team! With this amazing lineup, we can’t wait to watch them conquer! Limited edition shirts will be available soon! Keep following us for updates!

4. Did you get lucky?

As part of ONTO Wallet’s Main Net 3rd-anniversary celebration, they hosted an NFT lottery with Billion Happiness last July 17! Buy a limited edition NFT for a chance to win a share $BHC worth $1000! The lottery selected 10 winners who will each receive $100 of $BHC! Did you win?

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