And that’s a wrap! July brought us many development and is about to close off with one big bang — BHC’s full circulation! Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened in the past week!

  1. 2 days left until BHC fully circulates!

Our FEELING HAPPY STAKING POOL ends in 2 days! Waste no more time and stake now! You only have 2 days left before BHC fully circulates!

2. $BHC x ONTO Wallet NFT Lottery

Did you join our lottery collaboration with ONTO Wallet? We minted 100 copies of our limited collaboration NFT at $5 each! Congratulations to all 10 WINNERS who won 3.61 $BHC each!

More info here:

3. Our FEELING ENERGIZED pool has ended

Our FEELING ENERGIZED POOL has ENDED! How much $BREW did you earn?

4. NEW STAKING POOL — Feeling Hyped

Be sure you standby for the start date of our new staking pool — FEELING HYPED! Stake $HPS to earn $AXS! Keep following our official pages for updates!

5. NEW STAKING POOL — Feeling Brand New

And another one! We have another staking pool going live SOON! This is your chance to earn DPET with BHC! Stay tuned for updates!

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