11/12! December’s almost here! This has been a great year so far, but we’re not done yet. We still have a lot coming soon; but before they do, be sure you read through our updates below!

  1. Staking Pools Update

In case you missed it, you only have 5 days to stake in these live pools! 🔥 If you’re new to the world of staking, and you want to earn more tokens, feel free to explore our live emotion pools!

Feeling Playful 🥇
✅ Stake BHC to earn MONI
ℹ Allocation: 8,000 MONI

Feeling Stable 💰
✅ Stake HPS to earn BUSD
ℹ Allocation: 20,000 BUSD

🚀 Dapp: https://billionhappiness.finance/pools

2. New Upcoming Partner

We’re continuously progressing and were announcing a new partnership soon! Can you guess who it is? 🤔

3. New staking pools are now live! 🎉

Of course, we’re capping off November with 2 new staking pools! Be sure you put your BHC and HPS tokens to good use and stake now!

1. ⚡️Feeling Sparkly
Stake BHC to earn SRKb
Duration: 90 Days
Allocation: $40,000

2. 🏎Feeling Driven
Stake HPS to earn SFUEL
Duration: 90 Days
Allocation: $40,000

🚀 Dapp: https://fantom.billionhappiness.finance/pools

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Billion Happiness is a blockchain community-based project for Defi, Yield Farming, Staking and NFT Marketplace.