Last week was amazing! 🎉 We’re off to a great start and we still have a lot in store! Keep reading for updates.

  1. BHC Army Rankings

⭐️Front and center! What's your current ranking, Soldiers?

We're here beside you as you rise through the ranks! 🌟
🚀NFT badges and mechanics to signify your rankings will be available soon. 🎉

2. Stay updated!

We’re rapidly ascending the ranks. 🚀 Keep up!

Some things can get out of hand, so please be patient with price fluctuations on the market. For real-time price updates, go to this link 👉

3. We hit $1,000,000 in volume!

BHC hit a total volume trade of $1M+ just within 24 hours last November 2! We are on a roll! 🔥 Keep spreading happiness! 😃


4. We hit $200!

WE ARE NOW AT $200+! Keep supporting BHC and spreading happiness! 🎉 Let’s aim for a new all time high! As promised, our new bonus staking pool went live! 🎉

5. Bonus Pool 1 went live!

✅ Stake $BHC to earn $ADA
ℹ️ Allocation: 4,050 ADA
⏳ Duration: 8 days

🚀 Dapp:

6. We’re live on Fantom Network!

In case you missed it we are already live on Fantom Network 🚀

Transfer BHC and $HPS between BEP20 (BSC) and FRC20 (Fantom).

$BHC & $HPS Bridge from BSC to FTM and vice versa.

Anyswap Bridge:

Staking & Farming Soon! 🚀😊

For Regular Updates, Connect With Us! 🚀

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Billion Happiness is a blockchain community-based project for Defi, Yield Farming, Staking and NFT Marketplace.