BHC’s birth month is almost over but we’re not done yet! A lot of exciting things happened this month and we still have a lot of exciting news lined up! Keep reading for updates.

  1. 1 Year Billion Happiness Anniversary NFT

300 pieces of our 1 Year Anniversary went on sale last September 14, 2021 for 2 BHC each. Buyers will get a chance to win $200 each! 100 lucky buyers will be drawn!

🎉 Prize Pool: $20,000

👉 NFT Sale Link:

For more details, visit this link 👉

2. Anniversary Pools are LIVE!

New staking pools — our Anniversary pools are LIVE!

🚀Stake BHC to earn HPS

✔️ Allocation: 21,000 HPS

📅 Duration: 30 days

🚀Stake HPS to earn BNB

✔️Allocation: 100 BNB

📅 Duration: 30 days


3. BHC is now OFFICIALLY LISTED on Probit Global

As of September 14, 2021, $BHC is OFFICIALLY LISTED on Probit Global!

Trading Pairs: BHC/USDT

4. Live pools update!

We still have 4 emotion pools live for you! If you haven’t yet, be sure you stake! Visit our site and stake today!

5. NFT Staking Update

600 $BHC allocation for NFT staking once sold out — so be sure you get your 1 Year Anniversary NFT! Not only will you get a chance to win $200, you can earn back your $BHC by staking your NFT!

📅 NFT Staking Date: To Be Announced

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