We’re on our last week of our birth month! Thank you all for the wonderful September! We look forward to ending the year stronger and bigger! Read on for updates.

  1. Exclusive BHC/NFT Telegram group

You’re invited to join our Exclusive BHC/NFT Telegram group! Sign up through this link 👉 https://forms.gle/QAJCySu9zPVmgThu7

After you’ve filled out the form, our team will verify your eligibility to join! All you have to do is wait for the invite link to be sent to you! 😉

✔ Get acquainted with other BHC/NFT enthusiasts
✔ Get exclusive updates
✔ Exchange insights on how we can all push the community to grow

2. Our Feeling Hot 🥵 Pool has ENDED!


Our FEELING HOT 🥵 pool has ENDED! How much $BMON did you earn? 💰

3. Anyswap Network partnership


With Anyswap Network partnership, you can now transfer $BHC between BEP20 (BSC) and FRC20 (Fantom) networks. $BHC Bridge from BSC to FTM and vise versa.

For more details please read: https://billionhappiness.medium.com/bhc-bridge-from-bsc-to-ftm-97f5771e2c1c

4. 1 Year Limited Edition NFT Update

Our Anniversary NFTs were sold out in the past week and winners have been drawn! 🎉

Check your wallets to see if you’ve won! Be sure you wait for our updates about our upcoming NFT staking! 💰

📅 NFT Staking: Date to be announced

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