Boost MooBHC to earn BIFI — 3 Easy Steps and Giveaways!

How to Stake mooBHC to Earn BIFI

We are always on the lookout on giving you Billions of Happiness!

Now, we are happy to announce that a new boosting launch pool has been opened for everyone.

And guess what, you can earn even more with your Mootokens!? Amazing!

Here’s the 3 easy steps on boosting your MooBHC:

Step 1:

On, click the BOOST button on the top portion of the screen. There you will see the vault where you can stake your MooBHC, see the illustration below.

Step 2:

First you have to approve the transaction, this will allow you to deposit your mooBHC afterwards.

Step 3:

Finally, by clicking the boost button you will be able to stake your MooBHC. You can enter any desired amount or click mooBHC Balance to stake all of your tokens.

Congratulations! your MooBHC tokens can Earn Bifi as well!

Note: You have to “claim and unstake” once boosting is over.




Oops! There’s more!

We are giving away 3 BHC to 3 Lucky Winners!

To join, follow the mechanics below.

Hurry before the time runs out!

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