How can BHC token platform contribute to the Binance Smart Chain User Adoption?


Scalability remains one of the most challenging hurdles to blockchain development and that’s where Binance Smart Chain comes in.

Binance Chain was launched by Binance in April 2019. Its primary focus is to facilitate fast, decentralized (or non-custodial) trading. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest decentralized application (or DApp) on it is Binance DEX, one of the friendliest decentralized exchanges out there. You can use it via a web interface at or through its native integration with Trust Wallet.

Furthermore, as we can see on BSCScan, there’s a lot of projects including Decentralized Finance (DeFi) started using these Binance Smart Chain and integrating them into their business models. Billion Happiness are one of those, a blockchain technology-based apparel company dedicated to providing Happiness through a transparent record of information on quality products our goal is to put authenticity using blockchain eliminating counterfeit items on the market. We adopted Binance Smart Chain to build BHC token as a method of payment as it is low transaction fee, fast, reliable, decentralized, way of exchanging data and value. The following analysis will focus on how BHC Token Platform will increase Binance Smart Chain user adoption.

The BHC Token Ecosystem

The BHC Token Ecosystem is a fully featured platform revolving around a utility based token dedicated to providing happiness through a transparent record of information on it’s quality products. Our goal is to provide authenticity using blockchain technology to eliminate counterfeit items on the market. Billion Happiness has a token called BHC.

HC can be earned as cash backs through shopping on our online store and through staking and farming. Also, BHC can be used to buy any merchandise such as Polo Shirt, T-Shirt, Hardware wallets (Keepkey, Trezor, and Ledger), tokens, and any other products.

With its strongest component, the token is already supported on Trust wallet mobile Application and already listed on coinmarketcap, the BHC Token Ecosystem is a accessible, lowest fees and efficient platform.

BHC token ecosystem

How will the BHC Token Ecosystem contribute to the Binance Smart Chain User Adoption?

The BHC Token Ecosystem is the first BSC projects that offers a marketplace, a decentralised currency through the BHC token, a verified token, a peer-to-peer transaction system and much more. It offers a seamless shopping experience and it allows the user to utilize BHC token buying apparels and hardware wallets. The BHC platform is one of the pioneer utilizing Binance Smart Chain and will strongly drive the user adoption rate of it. It will become a pioneer in the Consensus (and therefore Blockchain) space as well, with the launch of its token deployment on Sept 14th. In addition, it will push users into adopting other brand new ideas that rely on the Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain, having almost 4 thousand holders and counting/increasing the overall adoption rate.

Another way the BHC Token Platform can contribute to the user adoption is through its upcoming update of Additional product listing, Nft/digital products & Game items.

This makes it really easy to adopt, especially Binance Smartchain has a low cost in terms of fees accessible through phone using trust wallet App, fast confirmation. This feature offers peace of mind and ease of use, which is encourages fast adoption.

Closing thoughts

Binance Smart Chain greatly extends the functionality of the original Binance Chain and joins a range of cutting-edge protocols designed to bridge the gap between various blockchains. Though still in its infancy, the promise of BNB staking alongside EVM compatibility makes the platform an ideal engine for developers building powerful decentralized applications.

*Information provided may subject for changes for future developments.


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Billion Happiness is a blockchain community-based project for Defi, Yield Farming, Staking and NFT Marketplace.