Invitation to the NFT Contest Campaign and Ambassador Programme of BillionHappiness NFT Marketplace

The past 5 months in 2021 have seen many stories of NFTs artists getting rich overnight. Stories of such frequently hit the headlines. The opportunity of being popular in the NFT marketplace is alluring yet challenging, making some people daunting while some are anxious to try.

If you have ever had such an idea or creation experience of NFT, now comes the opportunity to join the BillionHappiness team and make further explorations in the NFT world!

We hereby cordially invite you to the BillionHappiness NFT airdrop and Ambassador Program.

Do you know NFT? Have you ever created an NFT? Has NFT increased the value of your artworks?

Why do you need to create NFT?

  1. NFT helps to enhance the value of artworks and unleash the unknown wealth of NFT art

In the NFT industry, there are many stories of people getting rich overnight. For example, Pascal Boyart, a Parisian street artist whose graffiti artworks get no attention from the society in the real world and have been considered low-price in the traditional market, successfully created and sold 100 NFTs of graffiti artworks, with each piece worth 0.5ETH. On February 26th, Boyart’s NFT work “Contemplations of the Red Jester ‘’ was sold for 75 ETH, which was approximately US$112,000 at the time. It is also the largest income for Pascal Boyart so far. Coincidentally, there are also many other examples of artworks by unknown artists being sold at extremely high prices in the NFT marketplace.

Author: Beeple

Price: 38,336.144 ETH

Author: Beeple

Price: 3,693.878 ETH

Author: Chris Torres

Price: 300ETH

Author: Matt Kane

Price: 262ETH

To be honest, are these artworks all really so breathtaking to be worth so much in the blockchain industry?

The answer is no. NFT marketplace is a new opportunity for artists to realize value leaping of their works, which is enabled by technological advancements and the timing of a bull market. Everyone can benefit from the ever-growing NFT market. It is just that some people dare to take the first step, but some miss the opportunity for lacking information; or even worse some are still constrained in the traditional mindset.

2. NFT allows artworks and moments with unique value permanently recorded on chain. Let your imagination go wild: NFT is nothing but a form.

Many people believe that the largest creative group of NFTs is artists. This is a great misunderstanding. NFT is just a technology carrier which is neutral in nature and thereby allows the applications by different people for different purposes. When some people are discouraged because they are not artists, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for an extremely high price — so far, the bid has reached 2.5 million US dollars. Therefore, the core of NFTs’ value is not whether it is art or not, but whether the works could find customers. In other words, the NFTs can be anything, as long as you and other people think they are valuable and accept the works.

3. As NFT popularizes, creating NFT has become a fun experience you cannot miss if you want to collect artworks in an easy way.

For the public, participation in the NFT community is a technical issue, which has high entry barriers. However, with the popularization of NFT in 2021, many platforms for easy NFT creation are emerging. By solving complex technical issues and providing users with easy-to-use functions, they allow users to create their artwork with just a few clicks. To mint NFT is just as easy as uploading pictures! Just like the Windows interface is getting more user-friendly and Apple mobile phones are being more intelligent, the NFT community is also changing and innovating along with the times. The conversion of digital content to digital encrypted content is becoming even simpler. So are you one of the early adopters?

BillionHappiness NFT platform: integrating NFT transactions and creations and building the bridge for the public to the NFT world

The BillionHappiness NFT platform is a NFT marketplace based on BSC and allows for the creation and transaction of NFTs. Users can upload collectibles, submit relative artworks information to complete NFTs creation within just three minutes. They can sell works on the platform as well. On the BillionHappiness NFT platform, users can create NFTs in any forms, including videos, music, gifs, pictures, etc., and target global buyers to enhance transaction opportunities and value growth. The BillionHappiness team seeks to tell everyone through the name BillionHappiness, as literal meaning suggests, that it hopes to bring a series of blockchain products to the public, and enable happy experiences through the artworks. In short, happy value harvest in a happy digital encryption transaction method. At present, the platform encourages a large number of artists, MEME creators, and various NFT innovation pioneers to become the first group of creators.

BillionHappiness NFT Creation Airdrop Plan

From June 7th to June 20th, 2021, BillionHappiness will reward all NFT creators who dare to innovate. Participants can get the BillionHappiness airdrop rewards by joining the BillionHappiness NFT platform and become one of the first creators in the BillionHappiness community.

Participation guide

  1. Visit the official website: You need to add a digital wallet to view all the content of the website.
  2. Choose your favorite artworks and create NFTs. For guide, please check:
  3. Share your work on any social media such as Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, Weibo.

4. Fill out the form and win the prize (your exclusive invitation code will be automatically generated, invite more friends to participate, and get more bonus)

Gleam link:

Rewarding rules:

Rewards: Totally 2000u HPS;

Winners: Totally 100

The top 100, ranked by points in the form, will receive bonuses, and the higher the points, the more the prize. Winners will be selected in full accordance with the principle of openness and transparency, and you can check your points at any time in the form

Ranking 1–10: Totally 1000u HPS, 100u HPS for each;

Ranking 11–20: Totally 500u HPS, 50u HPS for each;

Ranking 21–50: Totally 300u HPS, 10u HPS for each;

Ranking 51–100: Totally 200u HPS, 4u HPS for each.

BillionHappiness NFT Ambassador Program

As a community-driven platform, the development of Billion Happiness NFT platform is closely linked to the community. The BillionHappiness team encourages famous and influential NFT enthusiasts to participate in our development, and to be our community leaders to drive the development of the BillionHappiness NFT community globally and makes BillionHappiness NFT truly popular across the world.

Therefore, the BillionHappiness team releases the Ambassador plan, and cordially invites influencers to participate in the platform development and community governance.

Participation requirements

  1. NFT Creators: have the capability to create NFTs; willing to create content on the BillionHappiness NFT platform for the long run and become the long-term content Ambassador for the BillionHappiness NFT ecology.
  2. NFT Community Leaders: participate in the building of BillionHappiness NFT community; have management capabilities and can bring customers to the platform; have the aspiration to expand the NFT community.
  3. NFT Missionaries: applicants with rich NFT resources are preferred; Missionaries’ goal is to bring new platform users and to introduce the BillionHappiness NFT platform to the public.

Rewarding rules:

BillionHappiness NFT ambassadors will become the closest community partners of the BillionHappiness team, and can directly communicate with the BillionHappiness team and participate in the development of BillionHappiness’s platform and community.

According to each ambassador’s involvement, BillionHappiness NFT also grants the ambassadors monthly rewards as well as a certificate for their unique contributions.

Registration link:

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