NFT Breaks Into the Art World: How BillionHappiness Innovate Artwork Investment?

2021 is a milestone year for the art world.

Crypto art is based on decentralization and community, where participants spontaneously form a truly autonomous space. Currently, most of the NFT art is using blockchain as a carrier.

In December 2020, artist Beeple has made surprising sales of his works with 22 NFT piece sold, and the most expensive one worth over $770,000. The total revenue reached as much as $3.5 million. In March this year, UCCA Beijing held the world’s first offline crypto art exhibition “Virtual Niche — Have You Ever Seen Memes in the Mirror”. It signifies that crypto art has attracted attention from the mainstream art world.

The term “NFT” that once belonged to the blockchain has suddenly become the buzz word in the contemporary art circle. According to public reports, the total market value of NFT has so far reached $4.7 billion. “A milestone in the collection of digital art”, “NFT artists are creating a new trend of the times” and many other comments have began to catch on.

The emergence of crypto art is challenging people’s nerves. Investors in the crypto art market are flush with cash. As early as last year BillionHappiness began engaging in NFT.

As the earliest and the leading BSC project, BH NFT boasts the most complete functions and the highest quality of users. It provides a range of services such as artwork listing, coin minting, online transaction, etc. By adopting the innovative model of “blockchain + artwork”, BH NFT is dedicated to giving full play of the blockchain technology and thinking and building a decentralized transaction platform for artworks. In doing so, it manages to highlight the digital identity of artworks, build a diversified decentralized art community, promote the inclusive concept of crypto arts, and redefine the economic attributes of artworks. Moreover, the “blockchain + artwork” model of innovation has re-empowered and transformed traditional art transactions.

BH NFT adopts a minimalist product design concept and provide a set of well-developed solutions for crypto artworks, in the hope to infinitely lower the technical threshold to attract more followers. It also uses a straightforward UI visual design to reduce learning costs, assisting crypto artworks to realize explosive growth.

At present, a crypto artwork community centering on BH NFT has already come into being. In this community, there are thousands of pioneering crypto artwork creators, hundreds of thousands of crypto artworks and a large group of crypto artwork investors, forming a closed-loop for crypto artworks transaction. They have access to one-stop services on the BH NFT platform.

BH NFT and other crypto art platforms that enjoy profound artwork heritage and resources are fulfilling users’ urgent needs, such as anti-counterfeiting, traceability, digitalization, peer-to-peer transactions, etc. However, the most fundamental transformation that blockchain will bring to the art industry is not limited to this, but lies in the fact that it will help to bring forth a more fluid and shared community order. In other words, BH NFT will promote and practice the concept of inclusive digital art.

Today, the global art transaction market, driven by blockchain, has ushered in a new business era. Global art transaction data will see unprecedentedly impressive performance under the push of blockchain. At the same time we can expect to see a growing number of crypto platforms and institutions that are more innovative, boasts more technological element, and enjoy a broader commercial prospect. Their arrival will bring milestone changes to the art industry. For those vertan artwork lovers and investors, they have already foreseen the direction of the new normal in art transaction and grasped the gist of making a wealth from it.

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