User Guide for BH NFT Marketplace

Part I:Install Metamask

  1. Open Metamask’s official website (

2. Click the “Download” button. Metamask will automatically identify the browser that you are using and then direct you to the corresponding browser extension store.

*The following pictures depict the Metamask installation for Firefox. Other browsers follow a similar process. *

3.Click the “Add”/’Download” button to install Metamask.

4.Open Metamask and click “Continue” on the welcoming page.

5.Follow the instructions to create a Metamask Wallet.

After you create a new Metamask Wallet account, you will be given a secret backup phrase. Please do not disclose it and keep it safe.

6.Next, click the Network on the top-right corner of the interface. Choose the last option “Custom RPC”.

7.Fill in the following information:

Network name:BSC Mainnet


Chain ID:56

Currency Symbol:BNB

Block Explorer URL:

The top-right corner of the interface should be “BSC Mainnet” after you click “Save”.

Part II:Use BH NFT Marketplace

(I) Connect Metamask Wallet

  1. Open BH NFT Marketplace( Click“Connect Wallet” on the top-right corner.

2.Make sure that you have activated Metamask on your browser. Click “Metamask” to proceed.

3.Finally, Metamask Wallet will connect your account to BH NFT Marketplace.

(II) Create collectibles on BH NFT Marketplace

1.Click “Create” in BH NFT Marketplace to create a collectible.

2.Choose “Solo” or “Batch” according to your needs.

3.Upload the media file, fill in the information below, then click “Generate Item”.

(III) Explore collectibles on BH NFT Marketplace

1.Click “Explore” to enter BH NFT Marketplace.

2.Click “View” under the collectible that you are interested in to view its details.

3.The left part of the interface shows the detailed information of the collectible. The collectible is shown on the right side of the interface.

4.Click “Buy 1 for xxx BNB” under the collectible details to buy it. Then the checkout will display the quantity and fee. Please check that information carefully. If there is enough balance in your wallet, then you can proceed to payment.

5.You can check the top sellers or buyers within a certain time period on the left side of the interface. The “Sort & Filter” function can sort the collectibles in reverse chronological order, price-ascending, or price-descending order.

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NFT Marketplace, Defi, Staking and Cashback

NFT Marketplace, Defi, Staking and Cashback